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We had got into a routine of alternate weekends picking our venue for entertainment and possibly romance. One week it would be Flanagan’s, a quasi-Irish bar that was a favorite for both lumânări parfumate from the nursing school and also the local college. Rich pickings for an unattached student looking for some company at car marketplace . The next week it would be the Blue Spot, which was the xbiz place favored by those who followed an alternative lifestyle. Both places were lively and clean, sold reasonably cheap beer but no hard liquor, and had live music (and in the case of the blue spot sometimes drag acts) every Friday night.

I don’t know why, but it had just not occurred to us that we should go out separately. I had had some small success at Flanagan’s but other than getting laid a slave couple of times was not attached to anyone. Steve was also similarly unattached but had far more success at the Blue Spot orgy , and I lost count of the times I went home from there alone while he disappeared off with some transsexual escorts or other.