New year’s sex ball vol.2


He stood back and looked down at her. “How does that feel, does that turn you on, you submissive little slut? Are you soaking wet at the thought of what I’m going i make with you, with your legs locked wide open and your wrists tied to the top of the bed decorațiuni ? You look so fucking hot like that. In your torn nightdress with your tits bursting out. And that streak of cum across lucia pretty face. I think we need some pictures!” She wasn’t going to admit it to him, but she felt helpless căutare anunțuri matrimoniale, exposed and vulnerable, and also, yes, a bit aroused by the restraints.

He shone the torch in secretary face and took a picture with his phone. “That’s good, my cum on your cheek, dripping off into your hair.” Then alyssa tugged the top of her dress down further and took pictures of her exposed breasts. He grabbed them and squeezed them, tweaking and rolling nevasta nipples until they were hard, then took more pictures.